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To join the Branch Email List for direct updates of our events please contact Jane Lynch.

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YACR Western Branch
c/o Jane Lynch

Branch Officers

There are four officers elected for 3 years, each of which is up for election in rotation, with the Membership Secretary being elected at the same time as the Ringing Master. There are 6 committee members elected for 3 years, with two coming up for election every year. Advice of the AGM elections should be published in the preceding December's Newsline for the AGM held in March.

Each committee member is also assigned a number of towers near to their home tower in order to promote branch activities in their area and offer support.


Bob Schofield

Ringing Master

Andy Sutherland


Jane Lynch


Sue Green

Membership Secretary

Tony Stamp

 Newsletter Editor (Newsline)

Pat Kefford
Appointed post.

General Committee